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You’ve got a lot of choices in what you read. Here at Quadrant Fiction Studio, an independent publisher, we do too.

That’s why we specialize in Mystery and Western stories that will amaze, excite, and, most importantly, entertain you.

What Is Your Quadrant?

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It is written in the Bible, an eye for an eye, a life for a life.

Isabella Gilmour faces that choice now.

Will she claim “Mosaic Law” or will she allow her husband’s murderer to face a trial with the chance to walk free?

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Mystery - colorized

Smoke shrouded streets, the glint of a gun barrel in the night, private eyes, police detectives, a dead body slumped on the floor, stolen treasures–no matter what you kind of mystery you prefer, chances are one of the thrillers here at Quadrant Fiction Studio will be the one book that will keep you up late at night. Featuring Quadrant Fiction Studio’s first series heroes: Private eye Benjamin Wade, intrepid reporter, Gordon Gardner, and Army Sergeant Lillian Saxton.

Westerns - Colorized

The rasp of leather holsters holding cold steel, gamblers with aces up their sleeves, men and women battling the harsh frontier, the sound of steam engines in the night, railroad detectives chasing fearsome  bandits–the westerns of Quadrant Fiction Studio draw their inspiration from classic TV shows like Maverick and The Wild Wild West.

Featuring the ongoing adventures of Calvin Carter and the Triple Action Western series.



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