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Here at Quadrant Fiction Studio, an independent publisher, we do too.

That’s why we specialize in Mystery and Western stories that will amaze, excite, and, most importantly, entertain you.

S. D. Parker – Western Author

The westerns, as written by S. D. Parker, draw their inspiration from classic TV shows like The Wild Wild West, Maverick, and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and authors such as James Reasoner, Robert Randisi, and Louis L’amour.

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Scott Dennis Parker – Mystery Author

As Scott Dennis Parker, I write Mysteries that evoke smoke shrouded streets, the glint of a gun barrel in the night, private investigators, police detectives, a dead body slumped on the floor, and stolen treasures.

The historical mysteries and thrillers by Scott Dennis Parker take place in World War II. Three people–Benjamin Wade, private investigator, Gordon Gardner, ace newspaper reporter, and Lillian Saxton, U.S. Army sergeant–become intertwined in the events of the war in far off Europe and back at the home front in Houston.

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