The rasp of leather holsters holding cold steel, gamblers with aces up their sleeves, men and women battling the harsh frontier, the sound of steam engines in the night, railroad detectives chasing fearsome  bandits–the Triple Action Westerns of Quadrant Fiction Studio draw their inspiration from classic TV shows like Maverick and The Wild Wild West and authors such as James Reasoner, Robert Randisi, and Louis L’amour.

Parker is a proud member of Western Fictioneers, an organization of professional authors of western novels and short stories.

Nominated for the 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Short Fiction.

Emory Duvall practices his simple carpentry trade, knows everyone in town, and stays out of trouble. But when a young gunslinger pulls iron on him and makes an unusual request, trouble lands in Duvall’s lap. Now, the carpenter must figure out how to avoid getting shot…and how many coffins he will have to make.


John Hardwick loves his wife like a Shakespeare sonnet: full, complete, and without equal. Unfortunately, John now finds himself in the crucible of infidelity. He knows the other man’s name: Alton Raines, a professional gambler. John is a good man, not prone to violence, but the images in his mind’s eye—of his wife in Raines’s bed—puts murder in his heart and a gun in his hand.


It’s not everyday that the passengers of a stagecoach in the Old West see a naked man hiding behind a rock. But the motley group of people on a stage bound for Uvalde, Texas, stop and question Finnegan McCall, naked as the day of his birth. He says he is the new manager at the bank in town and a thief stole all his clothes.

But if Finnegan McCall is telling the truth, then who is the stranger at the bank claiming he is the new bank manager? And why is this stranger asking the assistant manager to open the safe?


Isabella Gilmour met her future husband, Stephen, when they were thirteen years old and he was new in town. She and Stephen had become friends, then more than friends, then husband and wife. They became the envy of the town, two pretty people who had found each other in the awkward stage of life and had stuck together.

Until one day when Isabella Gilmour receives horrifying news: her husband has been shot dead by Bart Conway, the scion of the biggest cattle rancher of Zebulon, Texas. In her moment of anguish, she invokes Mosaic Law: an eye for an eye, a life for a life. She makes a simple request of her father: “Go get Stephen’s rifle.”

Her desperate father begs her to let the legal system work. Will she, or will she let justice come in the form of a bullet?